Buying – some things to think about

Do you have mortgage pre-approval?

Will you be able to pay the deposit amounts when they are due?

Have you looked at all the available free searches for the property before signing?

City Plan

State Planning


If the property floods, have you checked how affordable the insurance is?

Will your building inspector look at electrical issues?

If you’re selling a property to fund a purchase, will you make the purchase conditional on the settlement of your property sale?

Have you investigated what Title Insurance is and decided whether or not to obtain it with your next purchase?

Are all the appliances that look like they go with the house, actually included in the sale?

Have you discussed anything with the Sellers that the agent or your solicitor doesn’t know about, like special arrangements for access/furniture/belongings?

If you have plans for the yard, are there any obvious manholes or sewerage/stormwater pipes on the lot?

Have you heard about our free pre-contract review service?