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Graceville Lawyers can assist visa applicants and sponsors with immigration and visa matters.

We have proven experience in a wide range of visa matters, particularly partner, skilled and employer sponsored migration applications.

Immigration services provided by Graceville Lawyers include advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Business sponsorship of temporary or permanent workers.
  • Independent or sponsored skilled visa applications.
  • Partner visas (or fiancé) visas.
  • Child or parent visas.
  • Holiday or retirement visas.
  • Sponsored visitor visas.

Immigration Advice Services include:

  • Assessment of eligibility to apply for or sponsor a visa
  • Assessment of material prepared by visa applicants/sponsors prior to lodgmemt
  • Lodging a visa application or sponsorship
  • Communicating with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection
  • Applying for a review or appeal a decision to refuse a visa to the Migration Review Tribunal or the Federal Courts.
  • Advice on outcomes of a decision by the Department of Immigration & Border Protection and possible options
  • Onshore and offshore applications

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Immigration Advice Services
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