Independent Solicitor’s Certificates for Guarantors

As a guarantor you may be requested by a bank to provide an Independent Solicitor’s Certificate demonstrating that you have been advised on the contents of a guarantee.

Where we are not acting for any other party involved in the transaction, we can provide this as a fixed fee service. Please contact us for availability.

Please note the following important matters:

  • As the certificate requires that we advise you on the essential terms of the guarantee documents before you sign them, you will need to set aside several hours for the whole process. This process cannot be rushed.
  • Copies of documentation will need to be taken by us and we will also need to see and copy 100 points of ID (usually a passport and drivers’ license).
  • For the fixed fee to apply, payment is required at the time of the advice.
  • Fixed fee is $880 per person/guarantee advice required (Sep’ 2021 pricing – valid for 6 months).
  • You must read through all documentation prior to the advice session. We recommend you write down any questions you have about the documents and bring these to the advice session.