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Partner Visa Application

Going to lodge your partner visa application?

Some things you might want to ask yourself if you are going to do it yourself:

1. Have you completed all the necessary forms? Have you done this correctly?

2. Have you got your supporting documents ready to prove your relationship is genuine and ongoing?

3. Have you looked at how much the application fee is?

(- If one applicant and lodged offshore – currently* $3085)

(- If one applicant and lodged onshore – currently* $4,575)

4. Have you checked the department’s policy on refunds if the application is refused?

5. Are you sure the applicant is eligible to apply for the visa right now? Are you sure the sponsor is eligible to sponsor right now?

6. Are you sure that the evidence you are providing would lead a reasonable person who does not know you at all, to accept that your relationship is genuine and continuing?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of the above, Graceville Lawyers have proven experience in partner visa applications and can provide advice or assistance. If you’ve answered “yes” to all of the above then there is one more question you should ask yourself.

6. Are you willing to risk the application fee if your application is not complete or you are not actually automatically eligible to lodge the application?

If the answer is “no” to this question, then Graceville Lawyers can assist. Merely lodging an application is no guarantee of success.  Both sponsors and the applicant need to be eligible when the application is lodged. The relationship also needs to be objectively provable.  Technical difficulties can lead to an application being rejected, with no refund of application fee available.


*as at 28 May 2014

Kinds of Assistance

Assistance provided depends on which level of service is required.  Graceville Lawyers can help in one of three ways:

Initial Advice – Before you’ve begun the process, we can see you for up to on hour for a fixed fee to discuss what you need to do with the application, advise you on general eligibility requirements and based on the information you provide us, give you a frank opinion on eligibility and what your prospects may be. No documents are viewed or prepared during this initial advice. The advice is given face to face only.

Pre-Application Review – If you have prepared your own forms and collected your own supporting documents and feel that you are ready to lodge the application yourself, we can see you for up to two hours for a fixed fee and go through what you are intending to lodge with your application, discuss the application process generally, and give you a frank opinion on the application material you have presented (and if necessary our advice on how to improve it) and your eligibility as applicants and sponsors. This is a review of and expression of our opinion on what you have prepared yourself. No documents are prepared during the pre-application review. The advice is given face to face only.

Preparation and Representation – If you would like our assistance with the preparation of your application as a whole, we can assist you with the preparation of everything you need to lodge with your application, and represent you when the application is lodged with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection. This is a ‘full service’ arrangement, and fees are not fixed as a result. An initial fee is payable and an estimate is provided for the remaining fees.

Please note that as Graceville Lawyers is a commercial migration practice, fees are payable before or at the time that advice is given or work is done.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote for any of the above kinds of assistance, please contact us or call us.

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